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even the light eventually fades into night.

16 June
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-My name is Annika.
-I live in Ithaca New York.
-I go to a very small school.
-I love friends, more than anything.
-I love meeting new people.
-I love building stronger friendships and getting closer to people.
-I love listening to loud music in darkness until it swallows me.
-I love to write.
-I usually don't open up to people easily unless it's a rare occasion; just out of habit.
-I love being spontaneous.
-I love being crazy and goofy and getting really into stuff.
-I love to go exploring and go on adventures and stuff.
-I love being scared, but not alone; only with people.
-I can be really crazy, but I can be serious when I need to be.
-I like having long conversations with people and going in depth and being serious.
-I prefer to be with people, but I'm good on my own too.
-I am a completely different alone than with people.
-I love getting to know individual people, and talking for so long with them that you get really personal and completely open up to each other and get really close.
-I love people, and I like learning everyone's stories.
-I love animals, I can't live with out them.
-I'm very open minded and like new things.
-I LOVE to travel.
-I try not to be critical about things, although often fail and am very critical.

Some movies I like are:
Dear Frankie, In America, The Little princess, The Yes Men, About Martha, Garden State, Say Anything, Chocolate, Thirteen, The Terminal, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Smoke Signals, Hotel Rwanda, You and Me and Everyone We Know, Pretty Persuasion, Brokeback Mountain, Narnia, Rent.

Some books I like are:
One Child, Pay it Forward, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime, Exposure.

Some of my favorite colors are:
Deep red, green, turquoise.

I love ALL kinds of music, and can not pick my favorite bands.

and there goes a brief summary of me. :)